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Dog Trainer Blake Forkner makes fixing your dog’s behavior problems fast, easy and fun with guaranteed results.

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Meika's Helping Paws

Your dog is pulling YOU down the street, pooping in the house, barking at other dogs on walks
making YOU the embarrassment of the neighborhood, blowing YOU off time and time again,
causing YOU to stress and regret getting the dog in the first place.

Meika's Helping Paws

After training, YOU can breathe a sigh of relief as your walks become
enjoyable and your dog walks by your side, doesn't bark at the other dogs, stops chewing up the furniture, and
comes to YOU every time YOU ask.

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I am so grateful to have
found Meika’s Helping Paws

Blake has been immensely helpful throughout the whole process of training my service dog. She makes training sessions fun and is always there to answer questions. I greatly respect her for continuing to learn and invest in learning new training techniques/attend seminars and bring that knowledge back home to share with her own clients.

I don’t think I could be doing this without her and it gives me peace of mind knowing she is there in our corner supporting us in whatever we may need knowing she is there in our corner supporting us in whatever we may need. Her training programs are so reasonable! She works with you and your schedule to ensure training is consistent.”

– Claire Tillman and “Walter” in Pooler, GA

Call NOW at 912-663-9699
Click Here to schedule your FREE consultation ($99 value)

Focus & Relaxation

Relationship-based training techniques utilized through relaxation, play and scent work. This program will focus on just the behavior issues.

Super Star Puppy Program

The Ultimate Puppy Program! Getting your Puppy started right!

Great Service

I reached out to Meika’s Helping Paws to help wrangle my 4 month old rescue beagle mix, Evie. She was a tiny terror with razor sharp teeth and I was at my wit’s end. Blake’s presence was very calming and Evie took to her immediately (and not just because she had treats).

Over the next few weeks, I watched her transform into a puppy that actually listened and become more of a pup that I’m comfortable taking with me wherever I go. What I like most about the way Blake works is that she trains for the type of dog that you have. It’s not all about just learning to sit and walk on the leash, it’s learning how to handle your dog’s personality and how to react to things. She spent time talking to me about the temperament of beagles and how there are just some things she will continue to do because of her breed. She gave me alternative exercise ideas such as scent training and was overall just a great source of information. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I made the decision to use Meika’s Helping Paws because I feel like I actually bonded with Evie more because I was so proud of how she did in her training. I would absolutely not hesitate to recommend Blake’s services again as a refresher course in the future.

Christy Newman and “Evie” in Guyton, GA

Call NOW at 912-663-9699
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Experienced Dog Trainer

Blake has been training dogs since 2013. Blake competes in various AKC sports with her personal dogs, Avalon and Mick, including obedience, rally, agility, lure coursing, dock diving, and therapy dog work.

As a service dog handler herself, she is able to relate to her clients on a personal level when it comes to struggling with disabilities and wants to be there for them to help aid in the journey of training their own service dog.

Many dogs come into shelters and rescues due to their behavioral issues. These behavior problems can keep the dogs from finding their potential forever families. In order to cut down on wait times for the dogs with behavior issues, Blake has partnered with Renegade Paws Rescue, a local rescue in Savannah, GA. By partnering with Renegade, Blake hopes to use her time and training skills to increase their adoptability by working and decreasing their behavior problems.

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