Perfect Pet Program

Is your dream to be able to take your dog out for walks at a local park or downtown. Do you wish you could sit and watch the big game at an outdoor restaurant all while your dog lays underneath the table?

This program is for pet owners who want to do more with their dog. You want to take your dog to pet friendly places.

Method of Instruction: Private 1-on-1 lessons are available in your home for your convenience and out in the community to practice and proof advanced public skills. This program is typically completed in about ten lessons.

Cost: $2475


In this program, your dog could learn ON AND OFF LEASH:

  • How to Politely Greet Others – Imagine having a dog that doesn’t jump when you enter the door.
  • Walking on a Loose Leash – All purposeful walks will become enjoyable as you have a dog walking next to you without pulling, dragging or sniffing.
  • Obedience Commands – Get your dog to listen to you every time the first time. Get your dog to come when called every time right away!
  • Dog Manners – No more counter surfing, jumping up, begging for food at the dinner table, play biting, excessive barking, and more!
  • Thresholds – No more bolting out the front door, car, crate, etc!
  • Relaxation – Help teach your dog to self-soothe, relax, and focus in their home, on a walk, outdoor patio, crate, and more!
  • Off Leash Walk – Get your dog to walk next to you off-leash. This is perfect for those who want to be able to take their dogs hiking off leash.
  • Restaurant – Imagine your dog laying next to you underneath your table while you enjoy a cup of coffee at a local outdoor cafe.
  • Off Leash Recall – Your dog bolts out the door and starts to run down the driveway and towards the road where a car is coming. Wouldn’t it be nice to have peace of mind to have a solid come when called even when off leash in emergencies?
  • “Place” – Teach your dog to stay in one area while you eat dinner at the table without worrying about begging for leftovers


  • customized training plan and folder with documented training sessions
  • access to online puppy course and basic and advanced obedience courses (coming soon)
  • supplemental training handouts and videos should you have questions in between lessons
  • access to refresher group classes and pack walks upon completion of program to practice among other dog owners and lovers while having the support of the trainer and other clients who had the same struggles as you
  • place cot
  • training leashes (long line) and collars including mini educator 300 e-collar (medium or large breeds) or micro educator e-collar (small breeds) for off-leash reliability (*** Dogs with known bite history will NOT be trained off-leash ***)


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