Perfect Pet Program

In this program, you will learn to proof your dog’s obedience commands around advanced distractions, additional duration and distance between you and the dog.

  • Method of Instruction: 8 private 1-on-1 lessons
  • Age: 6+ months
  • Goals: Basic and Advanced Obedience including off leash recall
Cost: Private Lessons ($1350)


In this program, your dog could learn ON AND OFF LEASH:

  • How to Politely Greet Others – Imagine having a dog that doesn’t jump when you enter the door.
  • Walking on a Loose Leash – All purposeful walks will become enjoyable as you have a dog walking next to you without pulling, dragging or sniffing.
  • Obedience Commands – Get your dog to listen to you every time the first time. Get your dog to come when called every time right away!
  • Dog Manners – No more counter surfing, jumping up, begging for food at the dinner table, play biting, excessive barking, and more!
  • Thresholds – No more bolting out the front door, car, crate, etc!
  • Relaxation – Help teach your dog to self-soothe, relax, and focus in their home, on a walk, outdoor patio, crate, and more!
  • Off Leash Walk – Get your dog to walk next to you off-leash. This is perfect for those who want to be able to take their dogs hiking off leash.
  • Restaurant – Imagine your dog laying next to you underneath your table while you enjoy a cup of coffee at a local outdoor cafe.
  • Off Leash Recall – Your dog bolts out the door and starts to run down the driveway and towards the road where a car is coming. Wouldn’t it be nice to have peace of mind to have a solid come when called even when off leash in emergencies?
  • “Place” – Teach your dog to stay in one area while you eat dinner at the table without worrying about begging for leftovers


  • customized training plan and folder with documented training sessions
  • access to online puppy course and basic and advanced obedience courses (coming soon)
  • place cot
  • training leashes (long line) and collars including mini educator 300 e-collar (medium or large breeds) or micro educator e-collar (small breeds) for off-leash reliability (*** Dogs with known bite history will NOT be trained off-leash ***)


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