Good Dog Program

In this program, you will learn to appropriately care for your dog by providing adequately for their health, safety, exercise, training, and quality of life.

  • Method of Instruction: 5 private 1-on-1 lessons
  • Age: 6+ months
  • Goal: Basic Obedience
Cost: Private Lessons ($625)

In this program, your dog could learn On Leash:

  • How to Politely Greet Others – Imagine having a dog that doesn’t jump when you enter the door.
  • Walking on a Loose Leash – All purposeful walks will become enjoyable as you have a dog walking next to you without pulling, dragging or sniffing.
  • Obedience Commands – Get your dog to listen to you every time the first time. Get your dog to come when called every time right away!
  • Dog Manners – No more counter surfing, jumping up, begging for food at the dinner table, play biting, excessive barking, and more!
  • Thresholds – No more bolting out the front door, car, crate, etc!
  • Relaxation – Help teach your dog to self-soothe, relax, and focus in their home, on a walk, outdoor patio, crate, and more!


  • customized training plan and folder with documented training sessions
  • access to online puppy course and basic obedience course (coming soon)
  • training handouts
  • sessions posted to Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok

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