Perfect Pet Program

Options: 5 day trains or 5 private lessons
Age: 6+ months
Prerequisite: Completion of “Good Dog Program” or at trainer’s discretion
Goals: Off Leash Purposeful Walk and Recall
In this program, you will learn to proof your dog’s obedience commands around advanced distractions, additional duration and distance between you and the dog.
In this program, your dog could learn ON AND OFF LEASH:
Off Leash Walk – Get your dog to walk next to you off-leash. This is perfect for those who want to be able to take their dogs hiking off leash.
Restaurant – Imagine your dog laying next underneath your table while you enjoy a cup of coffee at a local outdoor cafe.
Off Leash Recall – Your dog bolts out the door and starts to run down the driveway and toward the road where a car is coming. Wouldn’t it be nice to have peace of mind to have a solid come when called even when off leash?
“Place” – Teach your dog to stay in one area while you eat dinner at the table without worrying about begging for leftovers.
customized training plan and folder with documented training sessions
access to online puppy course and basic and advanced obedience courses (coming soon)
special field trips (day train only)
pack hikes and play sessions (day train only)
training leashes and collars including mini educator 300 e-collar (medium or large breeds) or micro educator e-collar (small breeds)
Cost: Day Trains ($675) and Private Lessons ($550)

Call today at 912-663-9699 or Contact Blake to schedule your FREE discovery session!

Archie, a Goldendoodle practicing a behavioral down at an outside cafe
Finley, an Australian shepherd building his confidence
Copper, a Cattle dog practicing his skills downtown on an outing

Crackles, a mixed breed practicing a long distance sit stay in downtown City Market
Jasmine TD, a Boykin spaniel working towards her off leash reliability
Toby, a mixed breed working towards his off leash reliability

Call today at 912-663-9699 or contact Blake to schedule your FREE discovery session!

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